HeyGuru ! connects people who possess certain skills, with people who want to learn or improve on those skills.


There are unlimited subjects and areas where these skills can be imparted. The most traditional is school students trying to master a particular subject ie the usual tuition subjects.

But there’s many other areas where there are people who want to learn or excel. Examples include learning how to swim the butterfly stroke, learning how to oil paint, learning advanced Microsoft Powerpoint learning how to sing….the list goes on and on! And where there’s a student, there will be a….Guru!

Students can be as young as preschool eg. learning how to read, to any age….you can be a 85 year old grandfather vrho wants to learn how to cook. Learning is a lifelong journey!.

HeyGuru! is free for students. You can post up your requirements where teachers can view and take up your assignments.

You can also search for suitable teachers. If you’re interested in contacting a teacher, just fill out your request and we will contact the teacher.

If you want to learn a subject or interest which is not listed, please contact us and we will help you to make the necessary arrangements.