5 Key Benefits of Home Tuition


It is important to understand the benefits of home tuition because your child’s time and your tuition costs spent are not insignificant.  This is applicable whether you have engaged a home tutor for your child before, or are considering getting one for the first time.

The reality is that Singapore is a competitive place to live in – having a good education and results is an important foundation whether your child chooses to go the entrepreneur route or a corporate career route.


  1. Customised coaching

Not every child can keep up with lessons in school where the student-to-teacher ratio is high.  In such an environment, it is difficult for the teacher to tailor the lesson for the specific and unique requirements of each child.  It is also difficult for the student to keep asking questions during lessons and many Asian students are just too shy to ask questions during school classes.  In home tuition, where there is just the student and the tutor, the lessons can be customised to each student’s specific pace and requirements, allowing for maximum effectiveness of each lesson.  The student will feel more comfortable asking questions during home tuition, which reinforces a positive learning feedback loop.


  1. The right tutor

There are no perfect teachers or tutors, but in school, your child has to stay with a given teacher for at least one school year.  For home tuition, if your tutor is not suitable for your child, then you have the option to change and select another one that is better suited to your child’s learning style.

A good home tutor will not only provide tuition on subjects but he can also provide guidance on time management and examination techniques.


  1. Improves confidence

Inability of your child to keep pace with school lessons can be a big confidence-killer and source of stress.  Confidence is such an important ingredient in your child’s development and growth.  An effective home tutor can reinstate or improve your child’s confidence by allowing him to keep pace with school lessons and maintain reasonably good grades.


  1. Allows parents to focus on their work

Engaging a home tutor for their child, will allow parents to focus on their work.  Many parents choose to tutor their own children, which may not be the best option to take.  If the parent stops working to do this, they will lose a source of income.  As long as the parent makes more income than what he / she pays the tutors, then it would be best for the parent to engage a home tutor and continue earning his / her income.

If the parent continues to work and also tutor his child, this can take up significant amounts of time which can mean less leisure time and time to relax.  Over the long-term, this can result in increased levels of pressure and stress for the parent.  It may be a good option to spend the tuition fees, let the tutor do what he is good at and allow the parent to have a better peace of mind.


  1. Saves time

Home tuition as opposed to classroom tutoring saves commuting time for both student and parents (since parents usually have to send their kids for lessons).  This precious time saved translates to more leisure time for both child and parent.  Home tuition lessons can also be arranged at your child’s convenience, so that his weekend life (and yours !) doesn’t have to revolve around going to tuition centres.

Importantly, time is also saved because a home tutor can focus on your child’s areas of weakness, rather than spending time on areas where he is already good at.


If you’re thinking of engaging a home tutor, just reach out to us at HeyGuru Tutors.  We’re experienced, patient and we do care.